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Usual Shopping List

how to use



Released Version 4.2.
  • Added the function to customize the font size.
  • Added switch to change the display of multiple tags to the display of only one tag In the display tag selection.


Released Version 4.1.
  • Changed the overall design.
  • Supports dark mode.
  • Reimplemented overall.

You can use like this ...

Reduce forgetful purchase and wasteful shopping

Before shopping, pick up what to buy in Pickup-List. And reduce forgetful purchases, wasteful shopping and impulsive buying.
While looking at the bargain flyers, pick up the items.
While checking the stock, pick up the items.
When you realize you need to buy it, pick up the item.
Doing so will create a complete and lean shopping list, saving you money and time.

Select the display mode with the scene to use

Select the display mode of Pickup-List according to the scene to use. For example, when checking the bargain flyers, the display mode "Stores/Shops" is recommended. When checking the stock, the display mode "Storage Spaces" is recommended.

Shopping-List for each store

The display mode "Stores/Shops" is recommended for Shopping-Lists. You can make Shopping-List for each store by registering the items sold at each store. You can use this app very conveniently by registering your favorite shops.